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Etextshop was created for college students who are looking for cheap textbooks. Discount novels, used textbooks and low cost best sellers for anyone's budget, are available here at our online college book store.

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Thru our overstock textbook suppliers, we are able to offer super cheap textbook prices everyday of the year directly to you. We cut out the middleman! If you can use a slightly worn textbook with some highlighting we can save you as much as 90% off College Book Store prices. We sell new textbooks and like new textbooks as well, generally half the price of your College Book Store. Some students prefer those marked up used textbooks because the key issues are underlined. All our used books and used textbooks have all their pages and chapters included and are fully functional. We don't sell junk!

Go Green and Recycle

Everytime you buy or sell back a used textbook or a cheap used book you are directly helping our planet! Paper comes from one of our Earths greatest natural resources. Trees. Sure, we can re plant trees, but at the rate we are cutting them down, they can't grow back quick enough to sustain the ever increasing demand for wood and paper. Out of control deforestation greatly impacts our wildlife and endangered species as well.

Everyone loves the feel of a new book, but lets breath the wonderful clean air trees produce and read a few cheap used textbooks and save money at the same time.

Cheap College Textbook Sources

We have created a link thru for college students to be able to find any book, used textbook, cheap brand new textbook, or best seller title they need. Click on 'Buy Textbooks'. Enter the isbn in the box provided. If we are out of stock of that title and can't ship it directly to you, we will provide a link to a reliable seller who has your book in stock today and can ship it right to your home or dorm.

Textbooks are almost always a time sensitive issue for students. We always recommend expedited shipping for shipping textbooks. Media mail which has been knick named "snail mail" can take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your home. If you need it faster then a week, always specify priority mail!