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Sell Textbooks

1) Enter ISBNs of the textbooks you wish to sell.

2) Get a Quote and select condition of your book, the quantity and add them to the cart.

3) Register if you are a new customer to save your profile in our system otherwise log in.

4) Review your Books to be sold

5) Checkout and Ship. A packing slip and pre-paid shipping label will be provided. Get paid via a Check or Paypal almost instantly.

We buy Instructors Complimentary Copies. See Instructions

Questions? Please check out our Buyback FAQs

What's an ISBN?

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a specific 10 or 13 digit number that identifies an exact title and edition of a particular book.

The ISBN is located above the bar code on the back cover or on the inside copyright page. Your class syllabus should have the ISBN that you need.

An ISBN search is the quickest most accurate way to find the textbooks you need and to sell the textbooks you have.
What is an ISBN

How do I know if the book(s) I'm sending are in good enough condition to sell?

All books sent in to etextshop for buyback need to be in 'good' condition or better.

Please include any CD's or supplements that came with your textbook. Some highlighting is except-able.

A lesser price may be given if your book has more than 25% highlighting or markings.
If any of the following descriptions are present with regard to the book(s) you are sending in please be advised these books have no resale value and will not be purchased by us. Damaged books will not be returned for any reason and will be recycled.

  • Water damage of any kind including stains or mildew.
  • Excessive highlighting and writing throughout. (Over 50%)
  • Torn or missing pages and/or pages coming loose from the spine.
  • Damaged cover or spine.
  • Pungent odor or pages sticking together.
Books that are covered in black tape or stickers covering up Instructor edition publisher markings will be graded based on the Instructor edition isbn , and not the student edition isbn.

Packing books well, will insure they arrive at our facility in good condition.

Please see our helpful packing tips to avoid transit mishaps.

How do I ship my books and who pays for the shipping cost?

Package your textbook(s) in a sturdy cardboard box or sturdy mailer (jiffy tough guard water resistant mailer bag) or similar, are a good choice for a single book or two books. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap. Please no newspaper, it rubs off on the books. Seal the box up with packing tape on all seams and affix our free media mail shipping label on top of each box or mailer bag. Each box should not exceed 70lbs.

You don't need to make your boxes too heavy. Take your box to your local Post Office or school mail room. There is no charge to you for shipping your books with our media mail label to etextshop. Keep in mind if you are sending a number of books that have a high dollar value you may wish to purchase insurance. If you purchase such insurance please note that the free media mail label we provide can't be used. You will need to have a separate shipping label printed up at your local branch that will include tracking and insurance. DO NOT use Priority Mail Envelopes or Priority Mail boxes to send your book(s) when using our free media mail label, we get charged extra when you use priority mail boxes. If you elect to use a Priority mail box you will be charged the extra amount when we receive your books at our facility. We do not reimburse for insurance purchased at the US postal service.

Instructor Editions and Complementary Review Copies

These textbooks may be sold even though they may say "Free Copy" , "Complementary Copy" ," Instructor Edition" or " Instructor's copy" on them.

Use the specific Instructor edition ISBN or free copy ISBN on the back of the book or the title page for these books . A lesser price may be given if the student edition isbn is used for Instructor editions. This would include Annotated Instructor editions, Instructors editions, Complementary review copies or free copy editions.

Selling Multiple Copies?

Please contact us via e-mail if you are planning to sell more than 1 copy of a single ISBN.